A Confession…

Plage Nature Deco

My name is Catherine and I am a hoarder. Well I guess it’s now technically WAS a hoarder, but up until a year ago it definitely was my natural predilection. I wasn’t quite to the stage of Hoarders [TV show] or receiving a diagnosis but I had a lot of stuff. More stuff than I needed. More stuff than I had a place for. In fact despite having a middle room with a sofa, the sofa NEVER got sat on because it was always hidden under a pile of stuff. This pile would be organised every fortnight (the day before our cleaner came) and while it was usually reduced, it was never fully cleared. It just looked neater…for a day!

In my paid employment I am an Occupational Therapist and have spent a decade apparently understanding the impact our environment has on our engagement in occupations (the stuff we do every day from getting washed and dressed, through to paid employment, school, leisure activities and sleep). So it is rather embarrassing that only when I started to declutter I realised the immense weight of stuff I had been carrying around with me. The stuff has meaning: it has a past and present but it doesn’t necessarily have to have a future in my life.

I’m 18 months into this journey and apparently others have been inspired by my sharing  what I’ve come across on other blogs, ideas that I think might work (although some haven’t for me) and images I use for inspiration. I therefore decided to start this blog partly to get into the habit of writing and partly to have a resource of inspiration for others by sharing my journey.

Items decluttered this week:

107 books, 7 mugs, 1 work top saver, 1 cushion, 2 audio books and a partridge in a pear tree (only kidding it was Angel season 1 on DVD)

Header photo by Plage Nature Deco/Plage Vinilos y Adhesivos/ CC BY

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