apron day

Yesterday my daughter put her apron away. She is 13 months old. This was a fringe benefit of decluttering I did not see coming.

Many advocate don’t organise what you can discard or discard first, then tidy and sort. This was certainly my downfall in the past. I’ve spent years organising clothes I never wore, books I hadn’t read, cds I never listened to and ‘stuff’ I didn’t need. The illusion this creates is both powerful and painful to break. I recognise now that I wasn’t ready, psychologically or emotionally, to part with the mountain of possessions I owned. Equally I have found forgiveness to be a necessary and important part of the art of decluttering (but that is another blog post entirely!).

As we reduce them, our possessions increasingly have a place of belonging and thus are tidied away without a second thought. The munchkin has learnt to walk fairly recently and with it has come tidying things away. Yesterday she was assisting me with the dishes and after I helped her remove her apron she carried it to the pantry, opened the door and said ‘uh uh’ while raising her arms. When my wife lifted her up, she hung her apron over the rolling pin (it was easier than the small hook). Needless to say, my flabber was gasted!

I realise my walking mirror absorbs and understands far more than we realise. I have not appreciated the importance of minimalism in her life beyond the impact having fewer toys has on her ability to play. Teaching her that there is more to life than what you own, that having less does not make you less and that there is freedom in having a simpler life has begun sooner than I had imagined. While it is never to late to start minimising and decluttering, I’m glad I started when I did.

Items de-cluttered this week 

Under bed storage box, yet more clothes (perhaps that is another post!), 1 cd, 1 book & 2 over the door coat hooks

Header photo Apron Day/Playing with brushes/CC BY

Mirror, mirror on the wall

3 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on the wall

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I’m enjoying reading your posts. I’m also on a journey of de-owning and have dipped my toes into the blogging pool to share our story as well.

    Well done on all you’ve passed along!

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