One hundred words of now


silence. time. place. tea. G&T. wine. care. stubborn. chorizo. water. fruits. nutty. light. warmth. keys. story. rock. back. bottle. shoes. trees. leaves. rain. sun. rainbow. vista. tenacity. feminine. restoration. wife. pleasure. productive. volition. serendipitous. minimal. simplicity. reading. writing. spaghetti. calm. sensory. brunch. survival. space. harmony. mindful attention. mother. priorities. boundaries. seeking. beauty. direction. challenge. heart. difference. stream. waterfall. passion. friends. celebrate. morning rituals. limit. peace. acceptance. daughter. commitment. knowing. stillness. brie. films. less. choice. soul. detail. refresh. sleep. achievement. darling. classical music. lasagne. Italy. breathe. inspiration. group. research. joy. sister. silliness. volcano. sunset. river. bridge. Hawai’i. flow. self. gift. experience.

Thanks to Susannah Conway for the inspiration

Photo Now/David Hilowitz/CC BY

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