One hundred words of now – October 2015

October 2015

Friends, wife, chocolate, pressure, inspection, introspection, progress, declutter, development, standards, expectation, shiny, liquid, munchkin, teeth, cold, socks, stuff, writing, priorities, competition, balance, chaturanga, Dr Seuss, repetition, pride, learning, drumming, monkey, wrapping, beep, space, capacity, thought, tidy, motivation, dispose, tenacity, consume, silence, peace, pumpkin, autumn, stillness, leaves, pasta, cake, wine, celebration, home, hearth, breath, wood, purring, drift, wind, cooking, pancakes, brunch, change, sleep, phone, remove, distraction, clear, fog, goodbye, boundaries, Nigeria, reading, enjoyment, feet, marriage, coat, decisions, methodical, sausage, names, contact, accidental, loss, inquiry, fresh, slowly, discombobulate, improve, acceptance, forgiveness, reflection, knowledge, ring, symbol, research, considered, yoga, mindfulness, dual, appreciation, dream,

One hundred words of now – September 2015

September 2015

Sleep. Cuddles. Work. Mindfulness. Sadness. Change. Madness. Talking. Boundaries. Bonkers. Friends. Daughter. Sun. Seaside. Wife. Birds. Medicine. Duck. Dog. Fish. Flower. Pancake. Desire. Tenacity. Thoughtfulness. Power. Love. Passions. Hopes. Shambles. Orange. Stubborn. Books. Drive. Swimming. Serendipitous. Distance. Cobweb. Front. Sickness. Round. Baa. Eyes. Breath. Life. Focus. Calm. Peace. Walk. Goodbye. Frustration. Fun. Reading. De-clutter. Sculpture. Park. Swing. Brunch. Writing. Words. Enough. Excitement. Impending. Arrival. Water. Dog-dog. Chocolate. Reflection. Freedom. Deadline. Parent. Rainbow. Change. Welcome. Farewell. Home. Dwell. Dwindle. Dwarf. Rhyme. Better. Learning. Pancakes. Lunch. Grow. Maintain. Purchase. Comment. Idea. Spark. Day. Drink. Snooze. Cutlery. Holiday. Sweep. Blue. Pen. Phone. Key.

One hundred words of now


silence. time. place. tea. G&T. wine. care. stubborn. chorizo. water. fruits. nutty. light. warmth. keys. story. rock. back. bottle. shoes. trees. leaves. rain. sun. rainbow. vista. tenacity. feminine. restoration. wife. pleasure. productive. volition. serendipitous. minimal. simplicity. reading. writing. spaghetti. calm. sensory. brunch. survival. space. harmony. mindful attention. mother. priorities. boundaries. seeking. beauty. direction. challenge. heart. difference. stream. waterfall. passion. friends. celebrate. morning rituals. limit. peace. acceptance. daughter. commitment. knowing. stillness. brie. films. less. choice. soul. detail. refresh. sleep. achievement. darling. classical music. lasagne. Italy. breathe. inspiration. group. research. joy. sister. silliness. volcano. sunset. river. bridge. Hawai’i. flow. self. gift. experience.

Thanks to Susannah Conway for the inspiration

Photo Now/David Hilowitz/CC BY