100 words of NOW

June 2016

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Enjoy the little things



So no post for two weeks. I believe that says a lot!

However, accountability wise, I have been able to get back to walking to and from work, I’m eating less chocolate and have done more yoga (including a one day yoga retreat). The chapter is more written than it was, but is still on the way.

There are several exciting possibilities and actualities at the moment that in themselves also feel a little daunting but as season’s change so do we and change is therefore inevitable. What was once a good fit, starts to feel a little tight or a little loose. Likewise, something that was uncomfortable becomes suddenly right for us.

Minimalism for me is about paying attention to what is important by removing the excess distractions and therefore getting to enjoy the little things. So I’m going to weigh the pros and cons of new opportunities and strike forward to enjoy the journey.


This is not a recommendation for a particular blog post, but an entire blog. I love the images at Time Nexus. In an otherwise busy world they area little piece of perspective and beauty.